Aadambharaa’s Designs

Rooted in passion, tradition and elegance, Aadambharaa began as a simple Facebook page with one tailor and a dedicated designer. After pursuing her engineering degree, Sruthi Ashwin Shekher, a talented creator and businesswoman, embarked on the journey of finding her true calling - creating wearable art.

Ethnic embroidery patterns, unique colour palettes and elegant materials are a signature of Aadambharaa creations. Leaning heavily towards silks and traditional hand embroidery techniques, our talented craftsmen tailor pieces that stand out and have created a niche for themselves.

Aadambharaa’s designs are inspired by traditional jewellery, mythological stories, scripts and Indian architecture. Our development process is intricate and complex. We envision the garment in its glory before we bring it to life with our exquisite materials and techniques. Our final productions strive to be timeless and classic yet extravagant and eye-catching. 

Explore our range of beautiful, sophisticated and ageless creations and become a part of our ever-growing clientele.